Pedagogical Skills Training

Mount Kenya University (MKU) has been having pedagogical skills training as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity by the School of Education at Naivasha Maximum Security Prison.

On 18th March 2017, Kenya National Commission for UNESCO joined MKU staff for the training and donated a Television set, DVD player, TV aerial and digital content from Kenya Institute for Curriculum Developing (KICD) for use by inmates to prepare for their KCSE examinations.

This will go a long way in improving the overall performance of learners in the prison sitting for national examinations. Currently, Kenya National Commission for UNESCO and Mount Kenya University are scaling up the pedagogical skills training by providing laboratory materials to aid in enhancing teaching and learning by inmates. These resources will go a long way in improving performance in sciences by inmates with the ultimate goal being improvement in the general performance.

The training of inmate teachers is informed by the fact that in prison, there is inadequate number of qualified teachers. The teachers who support the education programme are fellow inmates who have gone through the education system to a higher level. The inmates teacher do not have pedagogical skills and therefore do not have the requisite skills to offer effective teaching and learning to students. Mount Kenya University and KNATCOM-UNESCO are engaged in teaching skills training to enhance performance of the inmate teachers.

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